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[/ez_box] “I’ve been to many doctors for my back, orthopedic, neuro surgeons,pain management & chiropractors but none of them could do what Dr.Gutierrez has been able to do for me. He really knows his stuff and has done an amazing job on my back & neck! I feel so much better every time I leave his office! He’s amazing!” ~ Rebecca O, Downey CA “Very friendly staff at the Gutierrez Chiropractic. I have gone for a over close to two months and every time I go they are very welcoming. Also the Dr. Is very nice as well and checks for my well being. Thank you. I totally recommend this place to anyone who is having some sort of pain injury.” ~Santiago H, Downey ca “My daughter is a cheerleader, with that, comes daily practices, with hard workouts and requires her body to perform to the ultimate levels. Her back went out, and was unable to be that top performer. She was in pain, couldn’t walk, which meant her school attendance went down as well as her school work. I took her to the ER, and they couldn’t find what the problem was, and was sent home with another prescription for muscle relaxants or pain. I was recommended to Dr. Gutierrez’s office by a family member, I called and that same day we went in. Everyone was so nice and friendly. My daughter went in, barely able o take a step and after a session with one of the Dr’s came out walking straight with a big smile in her face. I’ve taken her a few times now, so the Dr can continue to work on her back and adjust her accordingly. She’s back to cheerleadng, hasn’t missed one day of school, no more pills. We are really happy and 100% satisfied. Packages are great, prices are great, staff is great, awesome. My daughter tells everyone how much she loves her chiropractor, and we totally recommend this office to everyone!” ~Bertha A, Los Angeles ca “Went i went in i was in so much pain.And through therapy and various exercises that the doctor recommended i feel so much better.I was very satisfied with the service and friendly staff.I would very likely recommend to family and friends.” ~Ariel S, Norwalk Ca “Staff is really helpful in answering all your questions. Doctor explains everything he’s going to do to you and what you need to do to be get better. Really enjoyed my experience there.” ~Joel M , Los Angeles Ca “This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I have been pleasantly surprised. All the staff is very friendly and I always feel welcome. I also find it very convenient that I don’t have to deal with appointments, I just go in and they are always ready for me 🙂 ” ~Marcela C, Pico Rivera Ca “Very clean and quite environment. The adjustments done always left me feeling great and rested. Great service” ~Adriana R, San Gabriel Ca