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Affordable Chiropractic Near Downey Ca 90241

We Are Near Downey Ca

We Have Treated Downey ca Residents for years and welcome you to give us a try and stop your neck and back pain now. for only $19 introductory adjustment what do you have to lose, except your back pain.

and very close to the 5 freeway. come try our $19 Adjustment you wont be disappointed we promise. NO APPOINTMENTS ● CONVENIENT HOURS ● BACK PAIN AND NECK PAIN RELIEVING CHIROPRACTORS ON READY MODE FOR YOU.


what patients are saying ” HEAVENLY!
I bought four adjustments and post treatment massages and I am so happy that I did.
This place is amazing! Its so serene, smells lovely (scented plug ins all around), nice soft classical music playing throughout.
They have great late nights on monday and wednesday and after your intial appointment, your future visits are walk ins!
The Dr was incredible! I’ve been to chiropractors before but I have never received a more thorough adjustment of my entire spine as I did here! Every section of my back was adjusted as well as my neck.
After the adjustment, I received a post treatment massage by another therapist with the WARMEST HANDS EVER!
amazing all around, i cant wait to go back!
Great location, lots of street parking, you cant go wrong!”

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